Monday, February 25, 2008

Upcoming Event

Camelback Flowershop has been asked to participate in a unique exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum entitled Arts & Flowers 2008! This four day event will demonstrate how floral designs, created by valley shops, can compliment and reinterpret works of art. "The floral masterpieces," according to Susan von Hellens, Chairwoman of the Phoenix Art Museum League, "will be designed to harmonize perfectly with the works of art on display."

This is our second year participating in this event and we have chosen two very special art pieces to inspire our creativity; the first is 4 Ice Cream Cones by Wayne Thiebaud and the second is The Leek Seller by Alfred Swieykowski. We invite you to come and see how we reinterpret these works of art through flowers. It will be a fun and casual way to enjoy the Museum as well as our floral work!

This event will be held at the Phoenix Art Museum beginning Thursday, March 6 and ending Sunday, March 9. Entry to this special event is included with the price of admission to the Museum. Multiple valley designers will be featured and the works of art will come alive when paired with the natural beauty of flowers!

For more information about events the Museum is offering during these four days, please take a look at their website We encourage everyone to attend and you will be surprised by our creative harmonization of flowers and art!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day was a Success!

Well, Valentine's Day 2008 has come and gone. It was a terrific day, and it was wonderful to connect with clients we rarely get a chance to see. Thank you to all of our "old time" clients, as well as those who used us for the first time this year...without you, it would just be a regular day here at the shop (and we like to spice things up a bit every now and then)!

It was a labor intesive week for those of us working at the shop, but well worth the late night giggles and tired feet. We thought it would be fun to show you a few "behind the scenes" photos of the week leading up to the big day; please pardon some of our attire, but at one o'clock in the morning, a sweatshirt and scarf is all one wants to wear!

Jessica, Lauren, and Teresa with the Geraldine box

Julie with too many bunches of lilies to hold

Sarah, Jane, and Jessica wiring red roses

The overflow of roses before we took off their wrappings

The designs ready for Valentine's Day!

Our garden room was overflowing with dozen rose arrangements

The gorgeous tulip boxes waiting to make someone happy

Thank you again to everyone and we hope to see you in the near future, or at the very least, next Valentine's Day: same time same place!

Thank you again to everyone and we hope to see you in the near future, or at the very least, next Valentine's Day: same time same place!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Valentine's Day: Make It Extraordinary

Our creative team has worked hard these past couple of weeks to come up with some extraordinary specials for Valentine's Day! We offer the traditional dozen rose bouquet, but if you want to impress your loved one, we have some fantastic designs that will truly wow him/her.

Camelback Flowershop Valentine's Day Specials:

  • One dozen roses (red, pink, or a combination): $125

  • One dozen roses Upgrade: red, pink, or combination with half a dozen white orchids: $175

  • Tulips (30 stems of red or pink) in a red wax vessel; pave style: $100

  • Two dozen Geraldine roses in a chocolate wax vessel with galex leaves; pave style: $250

  • Pink oriental lilies (15 stems) and white orchids (10 stems) in a 14 inch high clear glass cylinder with variegated myrtle greenery: $375

  • White submerged orchid (burgundy throats) with red beach glass: $150

  • Valentine's Mix: half a dozen red roses, pink oriental lilies, white calla lilies OR white orchids with greenery: $150 and up
Upgrades to these specials:
  • Wax vase: $35 (small cube); $65 (tall cylinder or rectangle)

  • Blooming branches: $25

  • Half a dozen pink lilies: $75

  • Spa candles: these are soy and non-toxic when burned, they come in a variety of scents; they are wrapped in a gift bag with tissue paper and a nice bow: $38

  • Belgian chocolates: price to be determined

  • Roberto Botticelli shoes: please ask for details, visit our website, or the the blog below

  • Venetian masks: complementary on any order over $175--$20 if sold separately

Please check our website to see images of these special designs! Again, remember to pre-book your orders for February 14th!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentine's Day Photo Gallery

The photographs of our designs for Valentine's Day are now online! Please take a look, as they are truly spectacular!!

Remember to pre-book your order and we hope you enjoy the new creations.