Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh What a Night!

The fashion show was a tremendous success! The models, clothing, shoes, and accessories were beautiful--not to mention the Maserati and our floral work. It was a wonderful event and a great way to reinforce our partnership with roberto botticelli.

The ladies at the shop worked overtime to design the two enormous Manzanita trees with beautiful hydrangea and roses. But the extra work was well worth it, since the trees looked fantastic and truly added ambiance to the evening.

The best part about the night was that 10% of the profits went to the Phoenix Art Museum. Thus, the fashion show was not only a fun and chic event, but it also benefited a great museum which gives back to the community as well.

Below are some photos from the fashion show. We all had a very pleasant time (although Lauren was dearly missed), and got to appreciate our work within its proper context.

Our trees with the Maserati in the foreground

Teresa, Jessica, and Sarah in roberto botticelli

The fashion show: Evening wear and swim suits

Sarah and Julie with our work in the background

Jessica, Julie, Sarah, and Teresa: Beautiful women who do beautiful work!

Teresa wearing a new pair of roberto botticelli shoes!

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