Monday, November 9, 2009

The Paper Studio...I'm in Heaven

Introducing The Paper Studio and the lovely owner, Cindy Iverson

Allow me to start by simply stating that Cindy is absolutely brilliant. She is a passionate inventor, a master artist and a thoughtful teacher. She builds couture hand made boxes, invitations that would leave you standing breathless, and incredulous business cards, to name a few. For those of us that are also inventors of the arts, she is one to collaborate with. She can take your ideas and passion and bring it to surprising fruition. And the topper? She is genuinely nice. KNOW her.

Cindy starts her day like the rest of us: morning tea, riffling through emails...but by the time her day comes to an end, it results in a trail of beauty and inspiration for the eager and driven enthusiasts. She was kind enough to give me a minikin archetype of her craft. Open eyelids and enjoy.

get ready to feel like a kid in a candy shop

Cindy Iverson, consumed...

my favorite number

I gaze at this original beauty and cannot help but covet.

Thank you Milena for joining me on this morning adventure to Cindy's studio.

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