Monday, December 14, 2009

Our quaint holiday team party

"Special" Eggnog from scratch...mmmm!

The party has just begun and Rachel (closest), will kill us all later in a
not-so-friendly game of Catch Phrase

The boys:
Steve, a.k.a "Reno"
Daniel, a.k.a "Donkey"
John, a.k.a "I don't do laundry"

Milena and Daniel - Precious Lambs!

Nick and Annie
BTW, Nick just bought Annie a little red scooter for Christmas.
So, keep your eyes peeled on the roads for a red swoosh of awesomeness.

Milena and John

Me and Reno (a.k.a handsome hubs)

Anne Marie - My amazing book keeper with a life story
that should seriously be published as
"Most Interesting and Surprising Life Ever Lived"

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