Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Are Seeing Green!

Happy summertime! It might be 110 degrees outside but inside our shop, it's a refreshing 75 degrees! We have a great selection of green plants right now, from succulents to air plants to terrariums.

Succulents are one of my favorites! I love all plants that are easy to care for and these most certainly are! They are thirsty only once a week, all you have to do it spray the soil with a spray bottle one time a week and they are content!

Air plants are unique small plants that survive on, you got it, AIR! They do enjoy a simple misting of water approximately once a week though. With proper care, they can eventually even have a bloom or two.

Terrariums are back in style. Pick your favorite humidity loving small plants and plant them inside a hand blown glass terrarium and all of a sudden, you have a great conversation piece! They require water only once a week. PS. Don't forget the small gardening tools, they are a must have!


jack said...

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Mary said...

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