Friday, May 15, 2009

Flowershop Treasures: Weekly Edition.

As most of you already know, the Supreme Being herself Mrs. Teresa Wilson comes up with her very own Haute List in every issue of Fleur Atelier.  

Unfortunately for all of our readers, Fleur Atelier is published only four ti
mes a year.  So in an effort to satisfy those of you who are left hankerin' for more, we've got a little s
omething to keep your hunger at bay.

Here are a few awesome finds the girls have picked up along their merry way.  

Every Frost Brings a Flower
A Candle by Dayna Decker
Dayna Decker is the exclusive line carried by Camelback Flowershop.  This luxur
y candle comes with a cedar wick that crackles as the candle burns down.   The scent carries hints of Fig Leaf, Saffron, Lotus Blossom, Blonde Woods, Sandalwood, and Cashmere Wood. The Box is covered in Swarovski crystals cascading down a gold manzanita branch.  Forget candles as an accessory to a gift, these babies speak for themselves.  

*On a side note, I was reeeally considering putting some sort of Flowergirl 5 star rating on the items I choose to feature on the blog.  Something along the lines of, "I give this candle 4 tulips up!"
You know?  Cause tulips kinda droop when they're not getting eno
ugh water?
Ok, so maybe florist humor isn't for everyone.  But I'm gonna spare everyone the corny rating system and assure you that not one item we offer in this flowershop is anything short of spectacular.  You've got my word.  

The Knot Doorstopper

 This knotted doorstopper is adorable.  Perfect for just about any style of home or office, or in Lauren's case... SOCCER! 

The Three Robbers 
by Tomi Ungerer

You MUST have read this book when you were a youngen'!
A bonafide classic, it's got everything: Robbers, a Pepper-blower (?), a Blunderbuss (??), and a little orphan girl as the heroine.  It's also a Hans Christian Andersen prize winner.  An adorable gift for any age. 

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