Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They say when one door closes, another one opens...

The beginning of summer is somewhat of a double-edged sword for a florist.  While they wave goodbye to their spring favorites (such as Hyacinth, Tulips, Anemones, Ranunculus, Hellaboros, and Blooming Branches), the most sought after flower of all is on it's way into Phoenix.  I am talking of none other than the indisputable champion of the floral world...

The Peony.
Be cool, my babies.  The Girls have more than enough Peonies to satisfy.  

My affinity for the Peony has grown into a bit of an obsession.  I have rattled on about this divine little Bud of Joy for the past six months, growing more eager 
(and annoying) as May approached.  After chasing down the most fabulous Peony grower I could possibly find, I placed my order.

 OUR order, sorry.  

I need to be constantly reminded that the Peonies in the shop are actu
ally here for our Clients, not just me.  Unfortunately, I can't just fill my pool with 
them and live there forever.  Le sigh.  
The likeliness that my nose will be surgically removed from a peony by the end of the season has reached a terrifying high.  I'll be sure and keep you posted.

 Here are a few pictures to really get you in the Peony Zone.  


Monica Rae Gill said...

I do so LOVE peonies! How delightful to dedicate an entire post to them.

mollygib said...

Your pictures of the peonies are amazing. I'm pretty sure I can smell them from my computer... gorgeous.